Don’t brag, be modest: The downside

Don’t let ANYONE dim your light, especially yourself, for the sake of others.

Most of us, especially women, are raised to believe that we should always avoid coming off like we’re bragging because that makes us look conceited. We’re taught to be modest instead.

Don’t get me wrong, being modest is great. But there’s a point at which too much “modesty” becomes unhealthy.

This mindset encourages us to diminish our strengths and avoid celebrating our small wins so that we don’t appear full of ourselves. Compounded over time, that becomes a destructive habit that can leave us feeling small, weak, unfulfilled, depressed, etc.

Our strengths get normalized and we struggle to find joy in everyday life because we only consider “big” things to be accomplishments. We start downplaying everything we do and self deprecating.

Success breeds success 👏🏻

If you want big wins, you need to learn to celebrate the small ones first. They are the stepping stones that lead the way for the big ones.

That is one of the many things that I will be working on in my upcoming program and with my one on one coaching clients. If that sounds like something you need, I would love to help!

Book your free consultation and let’s have a chat. No stress, no strings, no preparation needed.

With love,


Published by Jessica

My name is Jessica and I am a licensed Neuroencoding Specialist, which I prefer to call "Mindset Transformation Coach". I have worked as a Customer Success Manager for the past 6 years coaching corporations on how to develop their people, and I have been eager to work one on one! My educational background is in Psychology, and I am very passionate about trauma awareness, attachment theory, polyvagal theory, and anything that helps us understand how to live our best lives.

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