About Me

Enneagram Type 4
Myers-Briggs Type Finder – INFP

One key thing about me is that I am a very passionate person, and I love doing things that feed those passions! I am proud to be a licensed Neuroencoding Specialist, or what I like to call, Transformation Coach! I also work as a Senior Customer Success Manager for a global eLearning company, where I have the opportunity to continuously develop myself personally and professionally, all while empowering businesses to provide that same opportunity for their people.

I am also a licensed Makeup Artist and a former health and fitness coach. I consider myself now to be a “professional student”, and my focus for the past several years has been on my continued growth and healing through a journey of self-discovery and awareness. These things help me to feel more grounded, bring more joy into my life, be more empathetic and compassionate toward others, and enable me to let loose, practice acceptance, and let go of the things that no longer serve me. They also help me better serve those that trust me to help them!

Growing up I was always obsessed with solving mysteries, and I would watch Scooby Doo or read things like Nancy Drew and the Sweet Valley series. As I got older, this passion turned my focus to television shows like Law and Order, CSI, and especially Criminal Minds and Lie to Me. All in all, it was based on a core desire to understand human behaviour. This led me to my educational background, which was rooted in Psychology and the Social Sciences.

As a person with a deep passion to understand myself at a holistic level I’ve immersed myself in various personality assessments, researching my astrology background, and digging deep into my childhood to discover as much as possible about myself and my own behaviour. This has helped me become a much more self aware person, and enables me to see things more objectively while being more compassionate for the experiences and perspectives of others.

I have learned so much through my own journey, and I feel called to share my experience as I go. I often find myself feeling alone and misunderstood through my process. My goal is to share my experience so that I might be the light in someone else’s dark tunnel. So they might recognize that they are not alone and someone out there does understand.

My hope is that you will find something in my writing that will inspire you or teach you something you needed to learn or hear to reach a breakthrough. If you do, please make sure to comment or visit the contact page to let me know!

With love and light,