Why is Learning so Important?

These daily words of wisdom from Napoleon Hill really resonated with me. When we learn, it actually generates dopamine (pleasure chemical) to make us feel good.

Have you ever learned something new and suddenly found yourself excited? That is because learning brings a sense of achievement and pride, which gives us drive and purpose.

If you work out, I liken it to beating a personal record or conquering an exercise you couldn’t do before. The mind is like a muscle in that way. When we learn something new we exercise that muscle, and it brings with it a sense of accomplishment.

Of course self-care is important, though I’ve learned there is an important distinction to be made between true self-care and self-abandonment/dissociation through escapist behaviours. It’s important to recognize that difference and not get lost in the endless social media spiral, consistent TV binge-watching, regular substance abuse, etc.

Those are all habits we develop to escape from our current reality, even if only for a while. What if instead, we actively worked on building a life that we didn’t need to escape from?

Make a conscious effort to prioritize learning. Try new things without fear of failure. Know that it is totally okay to be a beginner at something! Challenge yourself in new ways.

Do these things consistently over time, and you may be surprised by the positive impact it can have on all areas of your life!

Adopt Tony Robbins’ CANI philosophy – Constant And Never-Ending Improvement. Embrace the fact that the human experience is all about learning and growing, at all stages of life. Become a lifelong learner.


Because you deserve to live a life you love. A life that is filled with passion, fulfillment, and happiness.

With Love,


Published by Jessica

My name is Jessica and I am a licensed Neuroencoding Specialist, which I prefer to call "Mindset Transformation Coach". I have worked as a Customer Success Manager for the past 6 years coaching corporations on how to develop their people, and I have been eager to work one on one! My educational background is in Psychology, and I am very passionate about trauma awareness, attachment theory, polyvagal theory, and anything that helps us understand how to live our best lives.

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